Central Scheduling  Online Reservations

Central Scheduling  Online Reservations

 Division of Continuing Studies Online Reservations

Welcome to the online reservations system for the Division of Continuing Studies Central Scheduling!
What is Central Scheduling?
Central Scheduling provides a consolidated process for reserving DoCS-managed space and fleet vehicles. Managed space includes the CE Center at Atrium/Somerset, ASB II Lab 150, Public Safety meeting rooms/computer labs, classroom space at 303 George Street, WMHEC Brookdale Campus/Freehold and Atlantic Cape Building Q. NOTE: The Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center is not reserved via Central Scheduling. Please contact RUICC directly at 732-932-9144 x.2239.

How does it work?
To view what's available or already reserved, use the "Browse" Tab menu optons. To request space or transportation, use the "Reservations" tab menu options. After you complete the When and Where section, available space/vehicles will appear under Availability section. To select an item, use the green "+" icon to add to your request. You will then submit event details. A scheduler will review/approve your request and email you a confirmation with a contract.
How do I create an account?
Use the "My Account" tab menu option and select "Create Account". After you submit the required information, you will receive an email within 2 business days regarding your account status. Once approved, you can request space using the "Reservations" tab. 
What if I need to request multiple dates?
In the When and Where section, select the Recurrence option to indicate multiple dates and times.
What if I have several programs running simultaneously?
Multiple requests (more than 3) are submitted via Excel spreadsheet to the appropriate scheduler no later than sixty days from the start of the program. For details on the format of the spreadsheet, please email CentralScheduling@docs.rutgers.edu.
Is there a fee?
There are no costs associated with reserving a DoCS fleet vehicle. There are fees for space. The fee structure is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, location, length of usage, contract details, the client's affiliation with DoCS, CECC, Rutgers, etc., and whether the client occupies the location in which the space is located.

Why is there an OSC scheduled?
All after-hours programs require an OSC (On-site Coordinator) regardless of location or client. After-hours is considered 5:00pm and later on weekdays and all hours on weekends. The OSC is trained on event support to ensure programs run smoothly and space is monitored. Staff is scheduled one half hour pre and one half hour post event times on weekdays. On weekends, staff is scheduled one hour pre and one half hour post event times. Fees for staffing are assessed at an hourly rate.
When will I know my room assignment?
Space is based on a first-come, first-serve basis with some exceptions. Most requests are confirmed within 48 hours. Off-campus requests are not guaranteed and are typically confirmed 2 weeks prior to program start. Day-of requests are handled by phone by calling the appropriate scheduler for that location.
What if I need to change details of my program?
Email the appropriate scheduler for that location. Reference the reservation ID number found on the contract.
Is catering available?
Central Scheduling does not manage catering requests. The client is responsible for making arrangements. When booking your program, be sure to include that catering will be ordered; additional arrangements may need to be made. Off-campus locations may have catering vendor options and/or requirements, please speak with the appropriate scheduler for that location for more information. Food and drink is not permitted in any computer labs.
What if I forgot my user id?
Typically, the user id is your DoCS-issued email address. If you still cannot access your account, email CentralScheduling@docs.rutgers.edu.
Help! I forgot my password.
Use the "Email me my password" link from the Account Login page. An email with password reminder will be sent to you.

If you have questions about online reservations, please contact Central Scheduling via email: centralscheduling@docs.rutgers.edu